Here SAS DEBEAUX is the designer of the system, which offers protection of equipment and pipes from freezing and bursting, while avoiding any waste of water.

This ingenious system allows you universal and cheaply protect yourself against any breakage problem during cold seasons. Its principle is based on a simple idea, long used in rural areas: the outside taps are left open to let the water run continuously to avoid freezing, but the consequence is major water consumption and flow management is required.

Exogel re-works this principle while automatically controlling the flow rate, opening and closing by means of a thermostatic element which is responsive to the water temperature of the pipeline.

Exogel is placed on any of the cleaned facility containing clear water, from the water meter to the boiler via the heat pumps, taps and solar panels whether this is a primary or secondary residence, or a business. Essential protection against freezing.

Exogel secures all your outdoor pipes and taps, with no additive or electricity.


When the water temperature of the pipe drops, Exogel opens and allows water to flow. Thus, water from the hottest parts upstream of the circuit replaces the water in the pipe.

Once Exogel detects a higher temperature, it closes and is ready for a new cycle.

Exogel : World Patent, Trademark and ACS approval: Attestation of Sanitary Conformity.


Whether you’re a professional or private individual, you want to protect your pipes against freezing? Exogel is the one for you!

You can install it yourself or of course call on a professional plumber and heating engineer who will take care of installing Exogel at your home or in your professional premises.

For any request for further information don’t hesitate to contact us.

SAS Debeaux - Exogel secures all your outdoor pipes and taps, with no additive or electricity