In 1983, a cold year, Michel DEBEAUX filed a patent and sold diesel heaters whose main interest is that they work without electricity.

In colder countries, our heaters have proven their effectiveness for starting and driving diesel vehicles in cold weather. The motor always starts, but within minutes diesel cars not equipped with a heater stop.

Many users, including Renault Trucks, are equipped with our devices. Heating is as fast as an electric device (which is also placed before the filter) and more powerful 2000W returned as electrical appliances are only 100W to 500W maximum which is a lot in 12 Volt and penalises the battery a time when it is most needed. With our devices, electricity consumption is zero.


We offer two types of heaters :

Heater S : deal for all vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery that has spare space in the engine compartment. It will use an unlimited source of heat i.e. the heating liquid or cooling liquid.

The Heater RD II : ideal for compact engines, which will work with the compression returning from the pump.


Since the expansion of transport circuits and activities, the problem of starting vehicles during severe cold spells has set in. This is why the company Debeaux has created diesel engine heaters for big machines (agricultural professions, road workers, public works, etc ...), heavy goods vehicles (carriers) as well as for compact vehicles for professionals (taxi, ambulance drivers etc. ...) and private individuals.

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SAS Debeaux Quetigny (France) : Diesel heater